April 25th, 2012

I stuck with this book despite a mid-read lag and finished it last night. Glad I did. The book’s last line completely won me.

I am counting down the days until I am in this city — is it America’s version of the City of Light? — with C for a few (childless) days in celebration of ten years of marriage. My friend Catherine, a frequent visitor to New Orleans, is helping me pour over places to go, things to do, cafes and bars to visit in idleness. Her husband’s advice: keep expectations low, don’t over-plan, see what unfolds.

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    Hah, perfect! Just finished the book. I hadn’t laughed that hard with a book since I read Catch-22 10 years ago.
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    I must confess I did not read the lines above, because I have not yet finished this enormity of a novel. I am, however,...
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But I've got a girl in the war, Paul
The only thing I know to do
Is turn up the music
And pray that she makes it through.
—Josh Ritter